Ignorance Toward Regression

by Malignant Existence

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Following the 5 song EP 'Ignorance Toward Regression' soundcloud.com/malignantexistenceband . This is the 1st/demo album from Malignant Existence. Currently a two member project from Austin, Texas. Self produced by Josh Vasquez through JMTX Productions www.facebook.com/jmtxproductions/ . Vocals from ATX Death Metal Vocalist Ryno (Ready To Die), Guitar, and Bass arrangement from Josh. Drums featuring James Knoerl (Aviations, Faceless) on notated tracks: jamesknoerl.com . Along with purchased drum tracks from;
Arnaud Krakowka ( www.arnaudkrakowka.com/drumtracks )
Death Culture Studios ( www.facebook.com/DeathCulture.Studio/ )


released December 30, 2018

Vocals - Ryno
Drums - James Knoerl, Death Culture Studio Drum Tracks, Arnaud Krakowka Drum Tracks
Guitar/Bass Josh
Mixing/Mastering/Production/Promotion - Josh; www.facebook.com/jmtxproductions/


all rights reserved



Malignant Existence Austin, Texas

Metal. Austin, TX.

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Track Name: Menagerie Of The Mutilated
Verse 1
Steel cuts into me
finally I will be free
To live my deranged dreams
You are forced, gender bending
Land Of oppurtunity
So this is what I seek
To put one life behind me
Start fresh and clean

A walking blasphemy
And yet still forced on me
Daily my language must change
So I dont offend "it's" name

Verse 2
Forcing all to take a knee
At my new identity
In broken mirror,finally self worthy
Either way
I am here to be

Chorus 2:
A walking blasphemy
And yet still forced on me
Daily my language must change
So I dont offend...

Chosen worth to society
To some a fucking atrocity
Not all will believe
The things that we're forced to see
Track Name: Malfunction
Verse 1
Hate what I see staring back at me
Former shell of man is what I see
detest of organic cavity
The cease of this life is what I seek

Loathing only one, final breaths I take
Fuck this reality, so much I hate
as I see through my own end game
I become another lifeless name

Pre Breakdown:
The thoughts of all that will weep
Same names give me no sleep...

Verse 2
They will all have to understand
This is done by my own hand
self termination, truly damned
My self saught escape plan

Loathing only one, final breaths I take
Fuck this reality, so much I hate
as I see through my own end game
I become another lifeless name

Never thought that I would be...
Salavation in mouth weak in the knees
Follow through, make them see
This is the end of me
Track Name: Parasites Of Progress
sitting protected behind screen
Pathetic version of meaning
rating and trolling on all I see
control the content
more like me

Now you find yourself
subjected to the waiting
wait for the rating
find place, continue self negating

Verse 2
different profile
this one is me just stating
the lies that I create
deception in the making
I stand so strong
In the world I am creating
protected by firewalls
dont forget my rating

Checking all of my hits
iron mask to the comments
From the mouths of the worthless
words vomit
Worse I believe in what I am saying
Makes worthless all that you're stating

Chorus 2:
Now you find yourself
subjected to the waiting
wait for the rating
find place...


Checking all of my hits
iron mask to the comments
From the mouths of the worthless
words vomit
Worse I believe in what I am saying
Track Name: Indulgent Suicide
Indulgent Suicide

Constructed in the blood for birth
Abused and torn of worth-

Neurons fire, thoughts obsessive
Compulsive behavior, self destructive

Corrosive scars of pain
Incendiary soul insane
Inevitable ways succumb
Alleviate and freeze to numb
Enter the demon

Stolen by denial
Made a junkie and a theif
Sold as a piece of meat
Only there for others relief
Extinguishing the spirit of life inside
Hosting this parasite...
Indulgent Suicide

Awake and feed like a zombie
Body held captive, mental slavery

Living to chase the high
Decimated relationships go by
So septic returns the flesh
Swallowed by hopelessness
Commands the demon

Displaying physical decay
Tomorrow slips away

What once a cure for this infliction
Now has become a physcial addiction

Laying in the arms of death
Darkness is all thats left
Staring into eternity
Eyes of glass are fixed upon
Cold and lifeless, consumed by the demon
Track Name: Apathy For The Damned
Verse 1
I feel the eye raping
Looking up and down at me
Never ending objectivity
Self pleasure only seen
Of no value or meaning
Have you heard, now missing
screams and cries only echoing
Where abouts confusing

First the breaking mentally
So hungry, no sunlight beam
Days to turn to weeks for me
Slowly I become weak
Futile effort from family
They again never seen
I live out this hellish dream
Apathy for all like me

I see all the countless faces

Husbands, fathers, sons nameless

They all act out their debasements

Verse 2:
Left now to bear onslaught
Of every man that has bought
Remain in loved ones thoughts
Where abouts continually sought
Pray daily I am not lost
Only chance here open spot
Try to escape dissmal plot
This life I want not

Verse 3
First time outside I see
Foriegn country, tongue I dont speak
Unknowns look back at me
Which route should I now seek
Forceful hands now seize me
My demise foreseen
Subjected to abuse daily
Slit throat to be free

Dying now in a foreign land
Wedding band clutched tight in hand
watching my blood wet the sand
left for dead outside the camp
Investigation goes as planned
Search, all leads ran
This is not one man
Apathy for the damned
Track Name: Engineered Aggression
Verse 1:
As the brainless impose the quest for
Their own superiority
WE are left to bear the burden
Of the onslaught that it brings
U-sing the faithful mindless
To serve their malicious mean
Pouring all thats manufactured
To manifest your hell from dreams

We act as Gods
In the hell that we create
Our ignorance
Blinding the path that weve made
The good intent,
Lies rotting with remains
As you hide behind,
The mantra that you claim
Point me to my cause
So, I can begin to hate
What builds inside
Is the malice and distaste
Of this foreign thing
This subject
That I now hate
As the Engineered Aggression
drives me to go insane

Verse 2:
As we stand united in hatred
And blind to bigotry
Your hands forced in a direction
Previously unconceived
As thoughts are brought to action
The follow through of atrocities
Asked to replace remorse with rewards
Tout you triumph foolishly


Stand now in a pool of their blood
That of your alleged enemy
A pawn to be held accounted
For what--you beleive
Weapons still hot from the mur-der
They will not take from me
Use last breath and all power
To Kill--Sworn Enemy


Architectured Fear and malice
Causes socital regression
Stand witness to the oppression
Of the morals you tried to uphold
Look back at the ones that led you
why now do they offend you
Believe your ignorance right, or
You had nothing to die for
Track Name: Self Righteous Hypocrisy
Verse 1:
Look through your eyes to see
My own immorality
Do you practice what is preached
or only sit within pulpits reach
Carry through the weak Sundays feat
Any mind silent enough to teach
As you seek your greater deed
I am forced to bow at your feat

Behind your eyes I see the lies
and a past without belief
Advise me now with forgiving tongue
while you stand before judging me

Verse 2
Plank In the eye
As you ridicule me for saw-dust in mine
Words from that book you read-
When you find the time
Tell me once again how blessed you are
New life line
I look to you only with
questions in mind

Behind your eyes I see the lies
and a past without belief
Advise me now with forgiving tongue
while you stand before judging me
show me now the path to self righteous hypocrisy
May I borrow crown and staff
As I spread your lies and deceit

Verse 3
Knowing deceptions are not all that fall
from every tongue that speak
One must find owns path ... and self clarity
this self loathing turmoil
has got to cease
Sort through the blasephemy
find cure to my disease

Pre Outro(verse 4):
Through the mouths of man
Our past prophets speak
How twisted words become
on tongue of humanity
Compassion replaced
violence ... hostility
I seek only the truth
not hypocrisy

Pre Chorus
Track Name: The Assassins Program
Assassins Program

A good man is what I am
Signed my life over to Uncle Sam
A guinea pig is what I've become
A host to this vile experimenation

Start the test
Hypnosis and sensory deprivation
Blind Folded
Dosed with LSD
I feel immense fear
under these hallucinations-

I'm a Manchurian Canidate
The imposing of outside control of others intent
To carry out acts against my will, then thrown away
Under control by the CIA
They seek to rid me of myself
to produce an assassin out of me
with no recollection of memory

Strapped down and electro-shock therapy
Until the convulsions no longer run through me
Helmet strapped to my head with speakers with
Repetitive message played for weeks on end

Plant the chip
Let the programming begin
I am not myself
A stranger has let itself in
They have successfully hacked my mind
I will carry out the atrocities
Of their design


There's that strange voice in my head
I feel its cold presence once again
Suddenly I awaken covered in blood
Track Name: Chaotic Coexistence
Chaotic Coexistence

The Trojan horse has been placed
propagandized democracy
ushered in by the state
your bloodline now the enemy
gullible ignorant tool
you supported this open door policy
guilty spineless fool
victim for religous zealotry
your feeble bleeding heart
constricts your perception of reality
conquered for Allah
in your own land a minority
demographically replaced
and paying for your own colonization
repugnant to the taste
but wavering to the perpetrators
of this invasion

Mother I see fear in your eyes
you dont feel human anymore
abducted beaten and raped
treated like garbage
they made you their whore
sister what have they done to you
groomed to be abused
passed around within
this vile perverse internment
acid burns away your natural beauty
as you are now forced to wear
these hideous scars of disfigurment

Ground zero Jihadist atttack
bodies ripped and torn, decimated on impact
a nailbomb ripped off a childs face
innocent live laid to waste
blood curdling screams
agonizing crys
shredded by shrapnel and left to die
amputated, eviscerated, mutilated blood bath
people frozen in shock from the aftermath
He strapped a bomb to his chest
Western values are unfit
Islam is exalted
and nothing is above it
sacrificing himself for his persecution
a martyr for his fucking hateful

Once again your benevolent leaders
have sold you out, and turn
their backs
admist the growing frequency of these
violent attacks
brother I say it's time
you have no choice
They've locked you down in chains
to silence your voice
terrorists it's eye for an eye
you will no longer hide behind
the lie;
speak your last words
it's time to die --

You cannot coexist
with those who wish to
destroy you


Rise my brothers
this is a call to arms
against this tyranny
we will defend whats ours
when the system protects the violator;
from going to jail;
then vigilante justice must prevail
We must fight to take our culture back
this is a declaration of war
We are under attack!-
Track Name: Defamation Of Intent
Defamation Of Intent

There's only one tool
A device, is the steel
Embraced by the free
It's certain death, the overshadowing fear
The kind of justice depised by tranny
There's only one way
One way out of their misery
And thats never to give in
To protect your people and property
listen to the instinct of survival within

In hand the power is mine
I choose who lives and who dies
Primal resolve you despise
My protection my life line
Prey becomes predator
In the end all one herd
Defend what you believe
Defamation Of Intent

No one knows the future and what it holds
But one thing remains an extension of the past
The villian through out history, mankinds common enemy
Is the reflection in my glass--
Left without a fighting chance
Now everything has been stripped away
The prisoner wishes he had one
He knows power is the ability to change the future
And that blooms out the barrel of a gun


Spew the fear
Your angle of ignorant dribble
Demonize my anti-vicitim plan
We all know where it comes from, who you are
And why you want them banned
So cowardly, the hypocrisy
Why can't I take my life seriously
If so threatened I will defend
So I will be armed until the end--
Track Name: Raining Injustice
Verse 1
Highest vantage piont is what I seek
To finally look down on those above me
Today they feel the same pain that I feel
Only I will make it all too real
Unloading my haul, I stop to think
Cant comprehend this thought, mind at the brink
Say a prayer for the ones I adore
Stack my mags
IED on the door

Silence cracked, I know what it is
God to think, this could be my end
Know not the face or intention in hand
Fight or flight, survival plan
Seen on TV but never conceived
I watch unfold another trajedy
Look back once more reserved to my fate
I watch others fall in my place

Verse 2
Pull up in a rage, screeching halt
All the ones I love full in thought
These people innocent, they deserve not
But I bring them an onslaught
My pain and suffering to much too bear
No I make my problems theirs
I hear screams, some run for the street
They realize not
The length of deaths reach

Societies hand, how fine the craft,- creating
A killing machine with-in our own ranking
No longer sense of wrong, killing unmitigated
I feel their detest, for the world thats been created

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